There are of course many things to consider when making a firm offer for voyage business. Here is a list of what we consider to be the main ingredients:

Reply by: Time, Date, Place
For Account Of: Name of Charterers.
Name of Ship & Description:
Present Position and ETA or readiness:
Cargo Quantity and Description: eg. 5% More or Less (MOL) Charterer’s Options (CHOPT)
Load Port(s) or berth: eg. 1sbsp, always afloat, naabsa
Discharge Port(s) or berths: same
Laydays / Cancel: eg. Sept 1-10, 2008
Loading Rate(s): eg. 2000mt per WWD, SHEX or SHINC
Discharge Rate(s): sames
Freight Rate:  when paid, how paid, where paid
Demurrage Rate:  eg. half despatch
Loading / Discharge Costs:  eg. FIO, FLT H/H
Address Commission:
Subjects:  eg. sub stem, BOD approval, etc

Maintaining a set of templates with option subjects, checklists, etc is of course prudent.  Much of your negotiations will probably take place via telephone but should always follow up in writing.

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