There are of course many things to consider when making a firm offer for time chartering business. Here is a list of what we consider to be the main ingredients of “main terms”:

Reply by: Time, Date, Place (this is a time limit)
For Account Of: Name of Charterer
Name of Ship & Description: Important to add speed and bunker consumption
Present Position and ETA or readiness:
Redelivery:  When, Where (For example DOP, Kobe, Japan)
Duration:  Specify how long
Delivery:  When, Where (For example, DOP, Houston, TX, USA)
Trading Area:  Specify region where you intend to trade vessel (eg. worldwide)
Intended Trade:  eg. grain, fertilizer, sulfur, etc.
Cargo Exclusions:
Hire Rate: eg. USD 25,000 pdpr.  Also must specify where, when and how paid.
Ballast Bonus:  eg. nett/gross
Bunkers: Price and amount, both ends
Address Commission:

Maintaining a set of templates with option subjects, checklists, etc is of course prudent.

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